We look forward to hosting you as a member! To start using your benefits and to receive the next shipment, there is some information we need from you.
Please read and fill out the agreement below to get started. 


Wine Club Shipments

4 Shipments a Year

You will receive automatic shipments in Feburary, May, August, & November.

Shipping costs


You'll be automatically billed at the first of each shipment month. The cost of each automatic shipment is the retail value of the shipped wine (less your membership discount), plus tax, and any shipping costs.

Wine Club Emails

Look out for emails regarding details on upcoming shipments and important dates.

We recommend saving "wineclub@hawksviewwinery.com" to your address book to prevent any communication going to spam.

Pre-Sign Up Member Agreement

To sign up for the Wine Club, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the membership and verify your identity below.

I certify that I am at least 21 years of age. My Wine Club Membership (“Membership”) renews automatically in February, May, August, and November for a total of four (4) automatic wine shipments (“Automatic Shipment”) per year. The variety and number of bottles I receive is determined by the Membership option I have selected. The cost of each Automatic Shipment is the retail value of the shipped wine (less my membership discount), plus tax, and any shipping costs. I authorize Hawks View Winery to automatically bill my credit card on the first of each Automatic Shipment month (“Billing Date”) for this amount. I authorize Hawks View Winery to bill my credit card for any re-shipment costs incurred because my Automatic Shipment is returned to the winery. I may cancel my Membership without penalty any time after purchasing four (4) activation bottles comprised of the current Wine Club Shipment and one (1) Automatic Shipment. My Membership will continue until cancelled. I can cancel by phone: (503) 625-1591, by email: wineclub@hawksviewwinery.com, or online: www.hawksviewwinery.com/wine-club/cancel-membership. If I cancel my Membership before purchasing two Automatic Shipments, I further authorize Hawks View Winery to charge my credit card for the Membership discounts received up to the date of cancellation. To avoid being charged for an Automatic Shipment, a cancellation request must be submitted seven (7) days before the next Billing Date. Automatic Shipments processed prior to a cancellation are nonrefundable, even if not yet received.

I understand that my Membership is subject to current Wine Club terms and conditions which may be modified without notice and any further obligation. Current terms and conditions of membership and benefits are available at hawksviewwinery.com/wine-club/terms-and-conditions.

A purchase of the first four (4) bottles comprised of the current Wine Club Shipment will activate my membership. Hawks View Winery will communicate details of my Wine Club membership by email and I authorize communication through this method.

Selecting the checkbox below indicates that I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of Hawks View Winery’s Wine Club membership: